Have you ever wondered why most women want s_ex so bad at night and most men want se_x so bad in the morning?
When most women want their man so bad at night, he just wants to sleep and when most men want their woman so bad in the morning, she just wants to go back to sleep. What could really be the problem?
This difference between the time men and women want se_x is due to hormones.
A man’s testos_terone levels are at its peak even before he wakes up in the morning. This is because the pitu_itary gland which governs the production of the male sex_ hormones has been switched on in the night and the level has been steadily rising until dawn.
Most men would wake up hard two or three times in a week due to the raised testosterone levels in the morning.
This is why he would want sex_ with his partner early in the morning.
But while a man’s testo_sterone levels are at its highest when he wakes up, that of women are usually at their lowest in the morning.