We often hear long distance relationships rarely work due to certain issues that come up over time between couples. It takes a lot of hard work and commitment from the two people involved to keep their long distance relationship strong and smooth while living in different parts of the country or world with different time zones.

Vlogger Anna Clendening, dishes out 10 tips for couples in long distance relationships 
1. Schedule: Couples should be aware of each other's schedule and make out time to have conversations, video or otherwise.

2. Counting down: Try to anticipate the time you'll be talking to each other. As insignificant as it sounds, anticipation makes the time and distance shorter. It brings you closer too.

3. Openness: This is very important in very relationship especially long distance one.

4. Hopeful: Just be hopeful for the best between you and your partner. Absolute trust too is essential, this will drive out thoughts of infidelity and other negative thoughts from your head.

5. Video conferencing: Skype, Facetime breaks that distance between you two. It can help your relationship a lot.

6. Care packages: Photos, other thoughtful things helps as a reminder that you both care for each other and are willing to what it takes to make things work.

7. Spontaneity and surprises: This keeps your relationship exciting and takes away boredom totally. It keeps both of you on your toes.

8. Honesty: This is extremely important. Try to be as honest as possible to your partner.

9. Trust: Distance will make it harder but you have to learn too trust your partner with your whole heart though it's going to be scary. This is what brings out the best in your relationship.