Help with stretch marks, or striae, develop when your skin suddenly needs to stretch beyond the limits of its natural growth rate. The middle layer of your skin breaks in places, causing the lower layers of your skin to show through.

Pursuing Home Remedies

1. Drink plenty of water. Water is the quickest and most efficient way to minimise the appearance of stretch marks. Specific instructions vary but consider drinking up to ten glasses of water daily to keep your skin hydrated and minimise the appearance of stretch marks.
2. Administer aloe vera. Aloe vera may be the most effective home health remedy for treating stretch marks. After a few minutes, rinse with lukewarm water. Alternatively, consider using a preparation made using aloe vera gel.
Combine 1/4 cup (60 ml) aloe vera gel with the oil from ten vitamin E capsules and the oil from five vitamins A pills.
Apply this mixture once a day, rubbing it into your skin until absorbed.

3. Employ egg whites. The amino acids and proteins in egg whites work to repair damaged skin. This treatment may produce results in just a couple of weeks.
Gently whip two egg whites with a whisk until soft peaks form.
Use a makeup brush or sponge to apply a thick layer of whipped egg white to your stretch marks and let dry completely.

Rinse with cold water. Apply a light coat of olive oil to hydrate your skin after rinsing off the egg whites.
4. Exfoliate with sugar. Sugar is a natural skin exfoliant -- a substance that rubs away dead cells to rejuvenate your skin. It is also regarded as among the best home remedies for stretch marks.
Create a rub from granulated sugar:
Combine one tablespoon of sugar with a few drops of almond oil and lemon juice and stir well.
Apply directly to your stretch marks, rubbing the mixture into your skin for eight to ten minutes.
Shower following treatment.
For best results, follow this regimen each time you shower for up to one month.
5. Apply potato juice. While we don't generally think of potatoes as "juicy," the moisture raw potatoes release when cut contains valuable vitamins and minerals. These nutrients promote the restoration and growth of your skin cells.
Cut a medium potato into thick slices.
Gently rub one of the slices over your stretch marks for several minutes, coating the stretch marks thoroughly with the "juice" the potato emits.
Let the juice air dry. Rinse your skin with lukewarm water.

6. Soak in lemon juice. The acid in lemon juice helps reduce skin blemishes. Cut a lemon in half and gently rub a cut end over your stretch marks. Allow the juice to sit on your skin for up to 10 minutes before rinsing with water.

7. Coat with olive oil. Olive oil contains useful nutrients and antioxidants, and because it is a natural moisturiser you needn't rinse it off after use. Just massage the oil into your stretch marks. Consider warming the oil slightly to improve blood circulation to your skin.

8. Moisturise with cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is noted for its ability to smooth wrinkled or damaged skin. Massage your stretch marks with cocoa butter twice daily for best results

After Pursuing Home Remedies