I was having a conversation with a friend and I told her of my disappointment in girls that get pregnant and either give birth or abort. I gave her some of the points listed below but her excuse was that information is not readily available to these girls. I see it as ignorance because the information is readily available but they choose to ignore it.

Here are my 5 reasons why a single (unmarried) woman should never be pregnant.

1. Sex is overrated: When it comes to the issue of sex, its a man’s world. If a man has sex with over 50 girls, he is hailed as a player (a bad guy) that gets girls at the snap of his finger. On the other hand, if a girl has sex with over 10 guys, she is called all sorts of names that range from loose girl to promiscuous girl. Another point is the fact that too much sex naturally doesn’t affect a man’s private part but it affects a lady’s. A man could have sex with 100 ladies and it would never show on his private part. For a lady, the more sexual partners she has, the likelihood of her vaginal walls expanding, the more it expands, the looser it becomes. That’s why a girl that sleeps around will find it difficult to satisfy her husband (assuming her husband’s private part is on the smaller side).
When advising my younger sister on sex many years ago, I told her that her private part was like a new lollipop. In its unwrapped state (as a virgin), she is still new, untouched and covered but as soon as the lollipop gets unwrapped, it looses value. The more men lick the lollipop (have sex with her), the more it looses its value. I then asked her, as a man would you rather have a brand new lollipop or a lollipop that has been licked by 10 men before you. Her answer was clear. To any lady that cares to listen, sex is overrated and its worth waiting for, don’t be pressured or rushed into giving it away.

2. Condom is cheap: The importance of condoms cannot be overemphasized and without its availability the spread of diseases would be astronomical with pregnancy and abortion cases through the roof. Perception of many is that sex without a condom is more enjoyable than sex with a condom but is a certain percentage decrease in pleasure factor worth the risk of infections and pregnancy? Its surely not a wise decision in the long run. The use of a condom is not only the responsibility of the man but also of the woman. As soon as you guys are about tearing each other’s clothes into shreds, ask him for his condom. The usual excuses men give are “its far”, “I don’t have one”, “sex without condom is not sweet”, “I am clean, if your clean let’s do it”. After he finishes blabbing, ask him again “where is your condom?” And make it certain that NO CONDOM, NO SEX.
Another point to note is the proper use of a condom. Some guy’s are usually in a hurry so they either wear the condom wrongly or improperly. As a girl, its your duty to either wear the condom for him or cross check if it was worn properly to avoid stories that touch. Remember you are the one that carries the pregnancy not him, you are the one that takes the shame not him, you are the one that drops out of school not him. Be guided.

3. Withdrawal method: This method is strictly for faithful couples. You are faithful and your partner is faithful is the only time this method is fail proof. Withdrawal method is when a man pulls out his penis a minimum of 5 seconds before cuming and ejaculates outside the woman’s private part. It takes a whole lot of self discipline to make this method work because as explained in an earlier post titled “Understanding HIS Private Part“, the part of the body that orders the testicles to release the sperm is the spinal cord of the man not his brain. As that point, his brain is no longer operational (meaning he doesn’t think straight anymore). As far as he withdraws before ejaculation, he can never get you pregnant.

4. Flush your system: To illustrate this point, I will use a seed (mango seed) to represent the sperm and the ground stands for the woman’s womb. A man plants his mango seed in a lady’s ground and after a period of time it begins to germinate (she gets pregnant). In as much as it takes an amount of time for the seed in the ground to germinate, it also takes a particular amount of time for the sperm to stay alive inside the woman’s system. Research has shown that the male sperm can live close to 5 days in the woman’s system so women are advised to take precautionary measures a maximum of 3 days after sex to prevent unwanted pregnancy. There are drugs in the pharmacy for this so I’m not going to recommend any here. Ask your pharmacist.

5. Abortion destroys: If you actually knew the number of women who have aborted at least a baby in their life time, you will be shocked and I mean very shocked. The excuses I get from these girls is that they actually didn’t abort a child but a fetus because it hasn’t formed into a child yet. My view still remains that as long as you miss your period, a baby is on the way. Aborting it at 3 weeks or at 6 months is murder, please stop killing the future leaders of tomorrow. Abortion leaves both mental and physical scars that take years to fully recover from. In some cases where uncertified doctors were used, some girls bleed to death or get their wombs destroyed.

In conclusion and as I will always say, sex is not love and can never be love. It is a form of expressing love in the confines of marriage but if you feel marriage is too far then please make proper use of a condom. If condom is too boring for you and your faithful partner then practice withdrawal method. One way or the other, the sperm gets into you system, flush it out as soon as possible because the effects of abortion is both physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.