Is sex really painful for ladies? Yes it is. The truth is that premarital sex for girls is mostly painful (mentally and physically) or eventually ends up in pain. My advice, remain celibate or keep your virginity as the case may be. You doubt me?

 Let’s take a look at the 12 rounds of painful sex for girls.

Round 1 of pain: The process of getting disvirgined is quite painful for ladies to start with because the vaginal opening is closed for entry. The new employee enters into her vagina, thereby breaking the hymen, expanding the vaginal walls which is PAINFUL.

Round 2 of pain: The love of her life who she gave her cherished virginity to abandones/breaks up with her.

Round 3 of pain: She sleeps with the wrong guy who’s thing is bigger than she is accustomed to causing her physical bruises.

Round 4 of pain: The guy she’s currently dating cheats on her with another girl.

Round 5 of pain: She sleeps with the wrong guy who tells his friends about his exploits with her and she gets branded the school whore damaging her reputation.

Round 6 of pain: She sleeps with a guy who records the sexventure and that brings shame to her thereby reducing her future bride price in the process.

Round 7 of pain: The promiscious guy gets infected and sleeps with you thereby infecting you with one sexual transmitted disease or the other.

Round 8 of pain: Premarital sex is a sin and it causes you to loose face with God.

Round 9 of pain: As long as your vagina is open, it will only get wider and wider and your future husband will experience it.

Round 10 of pain: The guy she has been giving her body to ends up marrying someone else.

Round 11 of pain: She gets pregnant and her family abandones her.

Round 12 of pain: The guy denies the pregnancy.

Round 13 of pain: She tries aborting and either gets physical scars to her womb or mental scars for killing her own unborn child.

Round 14 of pain: She sacrifices 9 months of her life dropping out of school and taking care of herself without the input of the guy.

Round 15 of pain: She endures childbirth without a husband holding her hand and giving her the courage to carry on.

In all the above painful rounds for a girl, the guy is only affected in Round 8. Take a look:

Round 1: Guys don’t experience pain when disvirgined.

Round 2: He leaves her for another lady.

Round 3: Whether big or small, he still doesn’t experience pain.

Round 4: He makes excuses for his betrayal.

Round 5: The more girls he sleeps with, the more it inflates his ego.

Round 6: He’s not bothered as long as it increases his popularity.

Round 7: He’s not even aware he’s infected in the first place.

Round 8: Sexual sin affects both parties.

Round 9: He gets more experienced and it doesn’t affect his private part.

Round 10: He doesn’t even look back or think twice.

Round 11: She is not the one pregnant so it doesn’t bother him.

Round 12: He knows he’s the father but doesn’t own up.

Round 13: He’s not affected because its not his body

Round 14: He is still in school like nothing ever happened.

Round 15: He is enjoying life while she’s in agony.

So is sex painful for ladies. I hope I was able to convince you in favour of my view point. If you are a virgin contemplating loosing your virginity, I promise you at least 5 rounds of painful sex and I say at least. Keep your virginity sweerie. Sex is overrated. If you are already having sex then I am sure you have already experienced nothing less than 5 rounds of painful sex already. To avoid more rounds, stay celibate.
Source: kingkurtissmith