Bounce and exit rates have plagued website owners since the creation of the back button. You try to improve your bounce rates, but the fact is, you can’t help every visitor no matter how great your content is, and up until recently, you haven’t been able to do something about it. Remarketing is a great way to bring people back to your site, but what about instantly monetizing the visitors as they bounce?

If you’re a publisher, monetizing your audience is always a challenge – especially if you’re on an information site. Display advertising notoriously underperforms compared to other ad methods, so publishers lose out to highly targeted ads on search and social. Native advertising has arrived as a means to drive revenue for publishers – but I’ve written before that it can cost the brand’s credibility.

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Which Zones on my site can I monetize with Spoutable?

Spoutable lets you customize placements for each Zone of your site on desktop and mobile, including Overlay, Top, and Bottom.

Overlay Options

Exit Intent -Overlay triggered based on exit intent through profiling and mouse movement/velocity.
Interstitial - 
Interstitial with content, video, and quick links optimized to engage people before continuing on site.

Top Options

Top Bar - Omnipresent header with a premium appearance that integrates into your site.
Top Offscreen - The placement hidden above the header is only visible when visitors scroll up to leave.

Bottom Options

Bottom Bar - Omnipresent footer bar providing relevant content recommendations and engagement beyond display.
Bottom Scroll - Utilization of underserved footer space... Only let someone get to the bottom of the page if they see monetizable content.

Publishers can indicate which options they want to include on their site, and Spoutable will optimize based on those parameters.
Spoutable may have the ideal solution – and we’ve been testing it on The Edge Search. Along with ads that run within content (which could be icky), they offer an exit intent solution that’s quite nice. When someone is preparing to leave your site, a beautiful overlay panel appears that provides some options to the user. On our site, the board generates eight articles curated for our audience.
I like this solution because it does not interrupt an engaged user from enjoying our site. It’s only displayed to a user who was already exiting the area. Both advertisers and publishers can monitor their spending in real-time.

Disclosure: We’re an affiliate of Spoutable.

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How do I get paid as a Publisher?

Spoutable Publishers can receive payment via PayPal or ACH direct deposit. Payments are sent at the end of the month, net 15. The minimum payment amount is $100.
To receive payments via PayPal:
  • Click the Manage tab
  • Click the Settings link
  • Enter your PayPal email address
  • Click Save Settings
To receive payments via direct deposit:
  • Click the Manage tab
  • Click the Settings link next to your site
  • Click the Add Your Bank Account link
  • Enter the full name on the account, the account number, and the routing number
  • Click Save Settings
Note: If you have multiple sites with the same accounting information, you only need to add payment information to one of your sites.