A group of researchers have done a study to see if the love sounds a woman makes (they refer to it as copulatory vocalizations) are voluntary, reflex or happens as a result of their orgasms. They performed this study by recruiting 71 sexually active, heterosexual women from the local community with a mean age of 22 years old, and administered a questionnaire asking the subjects about their vocalizations during love.

Consistent with prior research, as revealed by Psych Central, women most often reported reaching orgasm during masturbation or self-manipulation, and secondly by manipulation by their partner. Oral love was the third most likely way to achieve orgasm, followed by the way women least frequently achieve orgasm: penetration by a man. Women in the study reported they most often experienced an orgasm during foreplay.

What about vocalizations? Did they most often appear around a woman's own orgasm? Surprising to some, the answer was no. The researchers found that a woman's vocalizations occurred around the man's orgasm, most often just before or simultaneously with male ejaculation.

The researchers theorize why this may be, saying, "The data clearly demonstrates a dissociation of the timing of women experiencing orgasm and making copulatory vocalizations, and indicate that there is at least an element of these responses that are under conscious control, providing women with an opportunity to manipulate male behavior to their advantage."

According to this study, whether they know it or not, women appear to vocalize during love — not to express their own enjoyment, but to help the man reach climax.

This goes to show that the idea that people have a preconceived sexual script in their head is not far-fetched. We, very likely, have an idealized sexual encounter and what we believe our partners want.

The ultimate love question is why women moan so much during love? It’s a question that had puzzled men and even women. Why the grunts, the oooooo yes, the ooooooos, the aaahhhhhs. Men could be vocal during love but women are usually known to be more vocal during love. The question is, why? Why are women so vocal during love? This piece is my conclusion, If you don’t agree, then you can educate me. *wink*

1. It feels good: love is one of the most amazing physical adventures anyone could venture into. Not only does love build intimacy, it has mental, physical, emotional and even psychological benefits attached to it.

Women moan firstly during love because in simple terms “it feels good”. If you are asking why men who also enjoy love don’t moan as loud then I’ll ask you a simple question. Do men feel pain? Of course they do but why don’t they cry as much as women? Women are expressive in nature, they feel pain, they cry. They enjoy love, they moan. Simple as ABC.

2. Feels painful: As pointed out earlier, women moan when love is enjoyable but also when its painful. As a love educator, I have spoken to a few ladies on the subject of their sexual moans and I discovered that strangely, women enjoy love that has a little pain sprinkled on it. Strange but true. Women also moan when the love is painful. Maybe that’s their way of tricking their brain cells into converting the pain they feel into pleasure. This remains a mystery to me but ladies know what I’m talking about.

3. Pretense: Every woman understands how men could be so demanding when it comes to love. No woman would admit demanding for love more than her spouse (we all know that’s not true). In response to a man’s constant demand for love, many women moan in a bid to get it over with. Their thoughts could be, “if I pretend to enjoy it, then maybe, he’ll cum faster and let me be”. There is no sexually active woman alive who would admit under oath never to have pretentiously moaned during love before. None.

4. To speed up her partner’s climax: The smart question to ask at this juncture is “do men really care if their women moan during love?” and “what are the benefits of a woman’s moan to a man during love?”. If as a lady reading this (ask your man or ask any sexually active man), you will find out that a woman’s moans during loveexcites a man. Apart from the sexual gratification enjoyed by the sexual act itself, a woman’s moan adds to a man’s sense of achievement. The high level of brain activity as a result of increased pleasure would naturally lead to a quicker orgasm on the man’s part.

5. To boost his self esteem: It’s no secret that men love love and unsurprisingly, there is a link between a man’s self esteem (ego) to his performance in bed. A man that believes in his sexual prowess would naturally feel good, confident and in command when with women. Smart women know this and make her man feel good with her moans during love. When a woman enjoys love with a man, her moans get louder which is seen as a sign of approval by her man.

6. To tell her partner what she wants: Let’s use this simple illustration to understand this point. If a woman moans 15 decibels (a decibel simply put is the degree of loudness) when her man is on top of her but moans 30 decibels when she’s on top. What does that mean? You guessed right. She enjoys being untop more than being under.

She used her moans to tell her partner what she wanted. Its simple.

7. Turns them on: According to love educator and author Patt Brisben “There are many women who need to be vocal to help themselves achieve orgasm — it helps move them and their orgasm along”. A woman’s moans not only helps a man achieve orgasm but also helps her achieve hers. love is more mental than we think.

NOTE: For every moaner, there is a dead rubber (the type of woman that just lies there like someone died). If you want to fascinate your husband, be vocal during love. Men, please return the favour, there is no shame in moaning (manly grunts).

Let’s make some noise. *wink*