You might read so many traits about your personality daily, but you can't imagine that the length of your finger can also depict your love relationship. So, check this out and enjoy the read.

The first half of your thumb is longer than the second one.

You are faithful and passionate about your partner. Once you get committed, you are head over heels and very obsessive. Because you are passionate about your partner, you can even drop your work for his/her. In case if you get a late reply, you just can't take this, and might scare your partner by calling again and again. So be careful, this doing can scare someone. 

The first half and the second half of your thumb is equal.

You are calm and composed, no matter what happens. You like to plan a lot, and you also have the ability to achieve goals. You can judge his/her feeling objectively. You won't let emotions get you carried away. But, because of your calmness, it's unlikely to move fast in a relationship; at most you just end up in an ambiguous relationship.

The second half of your thumb is longer than the first half.

You are trustable, reliable and have a good observation skill. You like to go slow and, as a result, you take a lot of time to think things. Even if you feel you have a crush on someone, you will restrain your feeling. It's easy for you to miss the change since you're too conscious of other people's face. via

Source: wittyfeed