The Kamasutra is the love guide made solely for achieving the optimal pleasure from love. Of Indian origin, it’s chiefly famous for describing the art of making love.

Here are four Kamasutra positions you must try for a better love life.

1. The Toad: 

An advanced version of missionary, in this position, instead of the woman bending or folding her legs, she has to wrap her legs around the man’s waist like a toad. The position allows for deeper penetration and also enables the couple to move in circular motions.

2. The Anvil: 

In this position, the woman has to lie on her back such that her legs are resting on the man’s shoulders. As the man balances himself on his hands and knees, the woman can raise her thighs for deeper penetration.

3. Half-pressed position: 

Known to be a pleasurable position, in this the woman has to stretch out a leg whereas the other one is contracted against the man’s chest, giving it a half-pressed look. If you are planning to try something different and aim for deep penetration, you can’t miss this one!

4. The Wheelbarrow

The woman has to lie on the edge of bed such that the man has to kneel down to reach her vag!na. To enable deep penetration and stimulate the vagina, the man can pull her woman closer as he kneels on the floor. For maximum fun, ensure that the level of the bed is not too high but comfortable to hit the spot.