To many people most of these socialites are either HIV positive or they have some of the deadliest STD/I's in this world because of some the 'trade' they are known to ply. But some of them have come forward with evidence and proved that they are not what they are purported to be. 

Huddah Monroe back in 2014 made her HIV status public and two year later her fellow socialite & bitter rival, Vera Sidika has taken the bold step and posted her HIV test results online for all to see!

In a long Instagram rant aimed at Huddah Monroe, Vera Sidika rants bitterly of how Huddah Monroe has been running around claiming that she(Vera) is infected with HIV. 

Here's the HIV results Vera Sidika posted on her Instagram account;

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Photo Credits:[Mpasho, Ghafla]