If you are trying to get pregnant, you might be curious about whether or not the way you position yourself in bed will make things happen faster.

Sure, any love position CAN technically get you pregnant, but if you are actively trying, then you should absolutely go with these 4 positions.

1. Missionary:

This is a position that is responsible for thousands of babies every year. The fact that your pelvis is not tilted to face downwards helps his sperm move closer to the cervix making it easier for you to conceive and as a bonus your man has great leeway to achieve better penetration. While there is no real evidence, some people say placing a pillow below your hips helps his sperm travel deeper towards your cervix.

2. Doggie style:

Just because your pelvis is tilted downwards does not mean you are working against your goal. Doggy style helps increase the amount of penetration and opens up the cervix just a little bit more than other positions.

3. Spooning:

Another common position with great benefits. With your man positioned behind you as you lie down, this pose ensures that your partner’s sperm reaches your cervix as your pelvis is tilted at a 90 degree angle. You can try variants of this pose where your legs are spread open and rest on the outer surface of the man’s thighs.

4. The Bicycle:

You should lie down with your legs up in the air with your pelvis raised off the bed. To make the insemination process more efficient you can place a few pillows below your lower back to help keep the sperms in your vagina longer and prevent it from flowing out. Although there are a large amount of sperm in one ejaculate, that are enough to impregnate you, staying stationary for a while after ejaculation is a good way to help the process along.