Kissing is way to express love and is one the most common gestures practiced by couples around the world. Sometimes married couples forget to kiss their partners passionately due to different reasons that arise over time but it certainly improves intimacy between partners.

Relationship experts gives useful kissing tips for couples:
  1. Use Your Hands: "It creates a physical connection in addition to your lips," says Jill Blakeway, clinic director at the YinOva Center in New York City and author of the forthcoming book Sex Again: Recharging Your Libido. "Where you put your hands isn't really all that important -- roam a little."

  2. Make Eye Contact: "Look into his eyes as a prelude to a kiss or sometimes the whole time you're kissing," Blakeway says. "In Chinese medicine the eyes are related to an energetic pathway that surrounds the genitals."

  3. Vary It Up A Bit: "If you've been married for a long time, it gets a little routine. You have a [certain] way of kissing and that's what your husband is expecting," Blakeway says. "Surprise him! He'll faint with amazement. Vary the pressure, the speed and the technique." Kissing when/where your partner least expects it or taking turns kissing your partner the way you'd like to be kissed are some ways to knock the routine out of your smooches.

  4. Kiss Heart To Heart: "Which way you tilt your head when you kiss makes a difference," Blakeway says. "If you both tilt on your left side, lean in and embrace a little, your hearts are touching. And that's more than nice symbolism -- it's also a way to experience a deep connection because you both have an awareness of your heartbeats, which may be a little elevated because of kissing."

  5. Be Conscious Of What You're Doing With Your Tongue: "Gently slide your tongue into your partner's mouth and then move deeper," Blakeway says. "Besides lighting up all the nerve endings in the mouth, it also stimulates the salivary glands. Believe it or not, saliva contains testosterone, and testosterone provides a little jolt to your libido. So 'swapping spit' is actually a key to activating your sex drive!"

  6. Kiss Longer: "Kiss him longer than it takes you to sneeze," Blakeway says. "Passionate kissing is something people forget to do."

    Credits: Pulse Ng