Nobody in their right minds plan to cheat on their partners or spouses. There is also no foolproof way to identify if your relationship is at risk of being compromised by an affair. Sometimes you are shocked that the most seemingly happy relationships are put at risk because some essential things were overlooked.

Compiled by Beliefnet, here are 5 factors that put you at risk of an affair:
  1. A Busy Schedule: We all use the excuse on a daily basis - I'm too busy. Or maybe we phrase it as, I just don't have enough time. Not having enough time for your latest DIY project is one thing but not having enough time for your partner should be a major concern. Your partner should always be a priority and not recognizing that could put you in a world of trouble. Make an effort to spend quality time together. Each day strive to have one-on-one time so that you can reconnect and be on the same page. 

  2. Selfish Attitude and Behavior: A relationship is not a one way street. A partner's behavior should reflect love and compromise. If a relationship is always centered around one individual, then the other will eventually grow tired of the behavior and react. Each person should be equally important and recognized.

  3. Romance Becomes Null and Void: The longer a couple is together, the odds are that the couple's romance will change. While it's okay to not celebrate Hallmark holidays, like Valentine's Day and anniversaries, it's not okay to leave love unrecognizable. Be intimate together. Make an effort to carry out random acts of kindness for your partner. Always remember that no matter how long you've been together, you should never stop dating.

  4. Fantasizing About an Affair: If an individual in a relationship continuously fantasizes about an affair, it's only a matter of time before they will act on it. If you're experiencing these visions, you should talk with your partner and seek out counseling. It's important that you get to the root of your fantasy before your reality is ruined.

  5. Constant Pity Party: Is your attitude always screaming 'whoa me'? Depending on another person to constantly keep your spirits high and to raise your self-esteem is setting your relationship up for failure. If you don't have self-love and self-respect, then you can't truly love another. Either you'll end up looking for love elsewhere or your partner will grow tired of your pity party and venture off.

    Credits: Pulse Ng