We change as we grow older, hopefully, our ideas about love morph too. Your 20's is a time to experiment with love and figure out as much love moves as you are comfortable with.

If you are 30 and you have no clue about these facts about love, then you have totally wasted your youth.

1. Ladies first
It often takes much (much!) longer for women to reach the grand finale. To be a caring, loving and passionate lover, it’s important that you don’t finish too fast and ruin the experience for her. There's a bigger pay off to you when you put her pleasure before yours. It shows that you are not only a considerate lover but many women interpret it as an overall sensitivity and statement about your respect for he. Learn to enjoy the sensation of making out and foreplay to make sure that you develop a more inclusive definition of love.

2. Getting her in the mood
Though you might be ready to go at it as soon as you wake up and get annoyed when you’re turned down what seems like every night of the week, sexual maturity means valuing a mutual connection instead of your hard-on. Instead of rolling your eyes or getting upset, consider what you can do to better understand what will get her in the mood instead of why she’s not horny. Many men don't realize that the typical female sexual response cycle is reliant on physical stimulation; which means that either she or you needs to initiate actual touch in order to become arouse. Men have more testosterone in their bodies, which is the main hormonal driver of love. Women are not as testosterone-driven, therefore arousal often needs to take place through purposeful fantasy or touch first.

3. Effective oral

Many younger men get intimidated by oral love and don’t learn to fully enjoy it. As you approach 30, you should have had enough practice to learn how to relax into it and watch her response so that you’ll — and she’ll — get more out of it. Do not focus entirely on the head of the clitoris: Learn to lick, suck and tease the inner and outer labia. Also give some attention to the area that surrounds the clitoris. Many women find direct clitoral stimulation too much for them.

4. How to go more than once in the same night
Often times, women might not experience that awesome orgasm from the first time you have love in an evening, but by the second, they’re fully turned on and ready to go. Problem is, you can’t rise to the challenge every time that you’d like. By 30, you can train yourself — and your body — to be able to give her what she wants. If you want to ejaculate more than once in the same night, it all has to do with your refractory period, which is the time that elapses from your last ejaculation to your next erection. Times vary and they tend to correlate with age (the shorter the period, the younger you are). But don't let that stop you from engaging in more love play; sometimes you might be pleasantly surprised.

5. Difference between having love and making love
When you really care about someone, your love life will reflect your relationship. While you’ll have some really hot times that have dirty talk, possibly some S&M and some rougher love, you’ll also want to take the time to really experience each other and make love. Making love involves more time and and attention to the finer things about love. It's all about the details. Having a wider definition of love and focusing on sensation will help you stay present in the moment. Looking in her eyes at different points during love and connecting with her on all levels beyond penetration will help you convey to her that you are in it for more than just to get off