Learning how to kiss is a skill that comes with experience. But very often, must people lack the necessary kissing skills they think they have and the partner is usually the one that suffers for it.

A great kiss is usually a prelude for what is to come. Knowing how to kiss is something that will certainly serve you for years to come. Check out these hot tips;

1. Keep breath fresh

This is usually one big mistake men make, especially when kissing a new person for the first time. The first kiss very important in a relationship. So, if you come at her smelling like stale garlic, she is very unlikely to want to take things further.

2. Keep tonguing to a minimum

When kissing, avoid invading her mouth with your tongue way too much. It can get very slippery and uncomfortable.

3. Of course, don't forget tongue is important

While too much tongue is bad, choosing to only kiss with your lips will make her think you are not really into it. It is way too platonic a kiss for someone who you are hoping will let you take her to bed.

4. Be fluid and flexible

Never let your nervousness cause you to kiss her stiffly. You should not act as though you are afraid of her body and mouth. Kiss her like your mean it. Let your body be fluid and move as the spirit takes you.

5. Use your hands

Do not be too focused on the kissing that you forget to use your hands. Gently stroke her face, wrap your hands Non-threateningly around her waist or just hold her hands. Using your hands show your passion. This does not mean you should grab and grope her as this will only turn her off. Simply let your hands show your desire.

6. Avoid using teeth

Do not attempt to use your teeth during kissing unless you know what you are doing. Some women like a little nibble here and there (no need to act like her lips are a piece of meat). In the long run, it is usually safer not to invite your teeth to the kissing party.

7. Be confident

For a good kiss, you must be confident. You must act like you know what you are doing. Being unsure will do nothing to turn her on or attract her to you. So, take a deep breath and go for it.

8. Switch styles

Are you one of those guys who have just one kissing mode that they stick to throughout the process? Well, you are doing it wrong. Spice up your lip-locking game if you want to keep your partner interested. Don’t stay at the same speed. Use a little less tongue, and a little more at times. You should know how to kiss spontaneously.

9. Keep lips smooth

Do you naturally have dry lips? Then keep this in mind when it comes to kissing. Use a chapstick to keep things smooth and moist before bringing your lips to hers. Coming at her with lips that are dry and chapped is not going to help her desire for you.

10. Keep eyes closed

One of the magical things about kissing is that you can close your eyes and focus on all that feeling and excitement. Having your eyes open can be really awkward. Give her a little magic. Show her you know how to kiss better than most guys she has encountered.