Similar to life's death and taxes, nothing is certain in sex than men bemoaning condoms and women insisting on them. Or so one would think... A recent study suggest the fairer sex report decreased satisfaction from condoms in numbers almost as staggering as men. 

So why would your girlfriend hate condoms? Trending Post Team compiles 5 adequate reasons why ladies dislike the use of rubber during intercourse.

1. This means no birth: Some ladies do everything they can to avoid their man using condoms. This is because they want children. They feel the best way to totally own a man is to be pregnant for him. However, they seduce their man to sleep with them without using a condom as such, they ‘hook’ the man when pregnancy surfaces.

2. Allergies: Although condoms are prescribed to reduce the spread of infections. Ironically, the latex allergies which are the strongest deterrent against Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) cause women to end up with yeast infections and more.Yeast infection simply means that too many yeast cells are growing in the woman’s “private part.” It is very common but don’t let it bother you too much because the treatment is simple.

3. Condom Accidents: It is better not to use a condom at all if it will end up breaking. Sometimes, while the heat is on and there is a high level of friction, a condom could break thereby exposing the woman to all dangers associated with casual sex. So, some women feel ‘why the need’ and prefer to be raw with their man.

4. Pleasure reduction: In fact men mostly complain that the use of condoms do not enable them get maximum sensation. Women are also not left out. Condoms reduce the level and passion one could have during intimacy. This is a major reason some women hate condoms.

5. Smell of rubber: Some women have attributed the smell of condoms to that of a balloon. Condom latex has a particular odious smell. Lots of users (male and female) have complained about this. As a result, these days, condoms are made in different flavours (banana, apple, strawberry, peach, etc).
Source: trendingpost