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5 Bizarre Sex Accidents That Have Happened to Real People

Sex is supposed to be fun, exciting and even relaxing, but sometimes, things might not go as planned. Things can go wrong when people try to experiment or take risks without being sensible about it. Below are 5 sex accidents courtesy of that has actually happened to real people.

Vaginal cuts

According to a report by ABC News, small tears or cuts in the vagina are the most common sex accident and it is the direct result of rough sex, without proper lubrication.

Broken penis

Although there aren’t actually any bones in the penis, it can still be broken. The condition is known as penile fracture and it occurs when the erect penis sustains extreme force. A cracking or popping sound, immediate loss of erection, swelling, bruising and deep pain are the most common symptoms of penile fracture. As embarrassing as it might be for some men, the solution is to rush to the hospital, waiting can result on deep scarring that can alter the shape of the penis and is much harder to treat.

Wrong lubricant

There is only one thing that should ever be used as lubricant during sex – that is lubricant. Using other substances such as Vaseline, baby oil, cooking oil or tooth paste can result in serious rushes, genital infection for both partners and even poisoning. Check the labels of over-the-counter lubricant as you should also avoid ingredients such as parabens, petrochemicals, boric acid and methyl.

Blocked rectum

Far from being an urban myth, this is a highly common and equally embarrassing sex accident. During sexual experimentation, people have inserted all sorts of objects, including candles in their rectum. Depending on the softness of the object, it might be possible for doctors to remove it without causing too much damage. But in extreme cases, it can cause rupture of the anus area.

Blocked vagina

Another point of entry for sexual creativity and experimentation is the vagina. Cell phones, cans and bottles have been recovered from women’s vaginas in various hospitals around the globe. On one particular occasion a woman had used a frozen hot dog for masturbation, and the sausage broke off inside her when it thawed and was still there by the time she reached the hospital complaining of abdominal pain.