Life after a break up is usually not too splendid but it teaches both partners more about love, relationship and/or dating than they knew previously. So, what do women learn when they are single?

1. The beauty of solitude.

One of the scariest things in the world is being alone with your thoughts. Being single, especially for a long period of time, gives you room to figure out who you are and why you feel what you feel. Once you know yourself better, solitude doesn't have to be lonely. It can be relaxing.

2. You learn there's more to life than dating.

The general saying is that life is more meaningful when you have a partner to share with it. Don't get me wrong, relationships are an extremely dope and important part of life. But having a boyfriend or a husband doesn't have to be the thing that gives your life meaning. And learning that you can be happy without that is the first step to discovering all the things that do give your life some meaning.

3. You can finally figure out what you're looking for in a partner.

When you  move from one partner to another, you sometimes lose track of why you're doing it in the first place. Being single allows you figure out what type of person you really want to be with. Finding someone to date doesn't need to be high up on your radar of priorities, but figuring out what you want will make it all that much easier to spot them later on.

4. You learn the value of friendship.

People in relationships have friends, but when you're single, you have way more time to cultivate deep friendships. The beauty of friendship is that it allows you to form emotional bonds that aren't as painful and don't require as much commitment of a relationship. (Plus you can have tons of friends at once and usually you only have one boyfriend at a time.) Basically, friends are the shit, and having tons of friends when you're single is the shit.

5. You learn how to masturbate, really well.

You have a lot of time to practice.  Also, you learn to appreciate the art of masturbation in a way you never considered as an adult. Sex is a wonderful and necessary part of life, but masturbation is a different thing entirely and can take on a different type of meaning depending on who you are sexually.