Ever since the songbird announced in January that she would be taking a musical hiatus‚ fans have wondered when she will return.

Speaking to TMG Entertainment this week The Soil’s Ntsika Ngxanga revealed that Buhle is set to return to the award-winning group in August.

“The good news is that Buhle has finished and she will coming back in August‚” he said.

Ntsika said that when Buhle left‚ no one in the group had any idea of how long she would be away for‚ but she has impressed her mentors and was recently told she could return to music.

“It was up to her mentors to decide how long she would be away for but she got it pretty quickly. They told her two weeks ago that she could soon return to music and she was very excited‚” Ntsika said.

Ntsika revealed that Buhle’s replacement‚ Theo‚ will return to school to finish her studies when Buhle returns‚ but that he hopes to work with her in the future.

“We understand Theo’s first love is music but we’ve also seen the value in education and we are glad that she is going back. She is really talented and there’s no doubt that record labels and scouts will come knocking. She will always be part of The Soil and we will definitely try to work with her in the future‚” Ntsika said.

He has also reassured fans that they will not see any more departures for a while.

“The boys aren’t going to leave The Soil for any solo projects anytime soon. Fans can look forward to seeing all of The Soil members together for a long time still‚” he said.