MRS RIGHT GUY is living evidence that South African film makers got talent, what they need is only our local support.  If you didn't go to cinema to watch Mrs Right Guy you are missing what we call Local is lekker. After looking the movie I was overwhelmed by talent in South Africa. 

From today I respect chicken

From today I respect chicken, don't try them they will prove you wrong, With Mrs Right Guy, director Adze Ugah and his scriptwriting team have taken that formula and simply set it in Joburg with some very recognisable characters kasi-style with so called celebrity or super star life vibe.
From the beginning you will have that thing, what is going to happen next up until the end of the movie.  It makes you forget even hash-tag because you don't wanna miss a single line of their script.  It gives us productive, smart, black South Africans who aren’t mired in despair for our entertainment. 

What you do if your husband left you at Island without cash

What you do if your husband left you at Island with a hotel bill without cash, you still have bag for transport money? Gugu (Moeketsi), left in the lurch right at the beginning of the film by a cad of a husband who wined and dined her, only to get her into the sack.  Totally burnt and emotionally vulnerable, Gugu becomes the ultimate ballbuster, stopping the weirdo’s, or really just anyone, from approaching her bestie, Anna (Thabethe), or herself, for that matter.
A sequence of various scenes in which a variety of guys make a play for her is meant to be funny, but it cuts way too close to reality to really laugh at. If you have ever spent any time in Joburg you will recognise these misogynists who talk big and think they’re so amazing – the car guard who thinks a wolf whistle is the ultimate compliment, the traffic cop angling for a bribe or a phone number, whichever comes first, and that guy in the taxi talking about yellow-boned girls.

Mrs Right Guy chicken farmer Joe vs new boss Dumile 

She meets chicken farmer Joe (Moloi), who slowly starts to wear away her defences with a real-world charm. In the meantime, at work there is new boss Dumile (Mokoena) appealing to Gugu’s work ethic, though really, he has ulterior motives and her bullsh*t meter has been totally disarmed by the lovely Joe.

Throughout the film there is an interesting subtext that pops up every now and then, but doesn’t go anywhere, about light-skinned black girls and whether they are better somehow for being light-skinned. This serious social issue gets lost in the question though of, is Gugu ever going to get a guy?
The film is wall-to-wall filled with sound – every scene features yet another doef-doef beat and it all starts melting into one because there is no particular theme that follows around one person so it becomes rather numbing by track number four.
Mrs Right Guy ends rather abruptly after following every rom-com beat you expect so there’s nothing surprising here. But, there is comfort in knowing exactly where this is going and pride in the beautifully framed images and excellent sound design.

CAST: Dineo Moeketsi, Lehasa Moloi, Thapelo Mokoena, Tau Maserumule, Thando Thabethe
RUNNING TIME: 92 minutes
RATING: 3 stars (out of 5)
Theresa Smith