Teko Modise's baby mama is giving him a red card for allegedly failing to pay for child support. 
Speaking to Move! magazine, Linky Msibi says the soccer star has not been honouring his child maintenance agreement for several months.
She claims the midfielder last paid child support in April, adding that she will be taking legal action to deal with the issue. 
"Whenever Teko has a new girlfriend I worry. Not because I still want him back but because he gets too excited. He spoils the new lover and ignores his children. He takes his girlfriend out on trips and buys her expensive things. Meanwhile, I have to struggle to get money for our child's school fees," she told Move!.
Teko's money problems do not end with Linky.
His ex-wife Felicia Modise is also taking him to court after he allegedly stopped paying her R9,000 spousal support.
Teko reportedly agreed to pay the amount until she found a permanent job, but stopped footing the bill after she joined reality show, Diski Divas.
He recently got slapped with a huge debt bill - which could explain why he has reportedly being skipping his payments. 
According to a Sunday World report, a court ordered the midfielder to pay R80,000 in commission to a property estate agent in April for a house he failed to buy in 2009. 
Source :zalebs