Blessers are ruining lives!
This controversial trend which has taken over and continues to trend on social media everyday is being pinpointed for ruining the lives of young women.
A YouTube video posted on Tondani Netili’s page describing how girls as young as 14 years old have started depending on older men for money is doing the rounds on social media.
“I was in a taxi on my way back home from school when these beautiful girls who were as young as 14 started having a silly conversation. One of them said she was worried that her ‘blesser’ didn’t send her money and she wanted to buy pumps‚” the vlogger said.
“When I was 14 years old I was worried about my homework‚ I was worried sick that my phone doesn’t have enough memory to save Chris Brown’s pictures and I was worried about my pocket money for the next day‚ not a blesser‚” she added.
The vlogger said she was bothered because she had a younger sibling who could easily fall for the ‘blesser trap’.
“This that if you are 14 years old and you have a blesser‚ how old is your blesser? this trend is not fun anymore its sad‚” she opined.

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A blesser is a term used to describe older wealthy men who use money to lure women. These women are called blessees as they are often blessed with material things including trips overseas‚ cars‚ expensive handbags and shoes.
Last week ‚ KwaZulu-Natal premier Senzo Mchunu and health MEC Sbongiseni Dhlomo declared a war on blessers.
Ndabezinhle Sibiya‚ spokesman for the premier‚ said the campaign was driven by “alarming statistics”.
“In the area the premier discovered alarming statistics. Out of about 13‚106 birth or deliveries during 2015/16 financial year‚ 1‚777 were teenagers under 18 years. Clearly the blessers are running amok in the area.”