A blesser has been left in terrible pain while trying to have quality time with his young blessee.

This comes after the man’s sausage ‘snapped’.
The 62-year-old was rushed to hospital in Durban after he heard a loud ‘snapping sound’ during ‘vigorous’ bedroom gymnastics with his young blooded lady, 21.
When he arrived at hospital his ding dong was bent at an odd angle and had started swelling at the tip.
Doctors from the private hospital said the man had what is known as an ‘eggplant deformity’. They carried out ultrasound scans which showed he had torn the wall of the right corpora cavernosa. The p_enis does not have a bone – but instead the corpus cavernosa – two tubes made of spongy material – run along its length. Blood flows into this tissue, which is what makes the p_enis hard during an erection.  The snap had led to a tear in the corpus cavernosa’s sheath, which meant blood leaked out, creating the swelling and turning it purple. He was immediately rushed for emergency surgery to drain away the excess blood gathered in the pe_nis and correct the tear.
According to sources at the hotel where the alleged incident happened, the man and his young squeeze booked into the five star facility on Friday last week and have been seen having fun. “They drove a hired BMW car and were both not familiar with Durban.” One source said. The young lady is said to have boasted to anyone who cared to listen of how she had gotten herself a rich blesser.
The young girls high s_ex drive must have been too much  for the old man as hotel stuff said they spent the whole weekend locked in their hotel room probably bonking.
Doctors confirmed that the man would fully recover. iMzansi tried to contact the man but he was too embarrassed to talk about it.
Source : iMzansi