IT’S embarrassing, degrading and bad for business. This was the message given to tavern owners in Tshwane.

The Concerned Tshwane Liquor Traders Association has taken a stance against naughty stokvel parties. The association went to taverns in the area to campaign against the Mavuso and No Panties stokvels.
Escorted by the police, they yesterday visited taverns hosting such stokvels, telling the owners the risks and shame brought about by the gatherings.

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At the notorious stokvels, young women arrive half-naked to attract men. In some taverns, they dance and show off their punanis so patrons buy booze for them.
But the Mavuso stokvel recently made headlines and went viral on social media networks.
At the stokvel, men pick women who present themselves for sale. The price for sleeping with a woman is announced over a microphone. The money, which the women use to spoil themselves, is given to the women in the morning. The association’s president, Oupa Mthombeni, led the campaign.

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The first tavern to be visited was the 700 Tavern in Dilopye, which appeared on SABC1’s Cutting Edge.
Owner Shadrack Sibanda was given a lecture about degrading his place, but he was quick to defend himself.

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“We host this stokvel as a service to the community. That is why we named it Mavuso,” he said.
He said each member contributes R300 at each meeting and the supporters contribute R70 for drinks.

“Some of our members make silly jokes, forgetting that other people take their announcements seriously. There are no women on sale here.”


At Thati’s Place in Eersterust 4, tavern owner Thati Maponya said he was asked to host the No Panties Stokvel. He was surprised when his tavern was flooded with half-naked girls. He never hosted it again.
Mthombeni said they should think of their neighbours and children.