You can't destroy someone's marriage just because yours is failing. #askama

Why do we women find it okay to indulge in another woman's pain? #AskAMan

#AskAman always reminds us that marriage is just kaak .

Anonymous to husband want divorce and I'm gonna be with a married man OK #AskAMan

"Uk'cheata vele kumnandi" the way I'm done

people like anon they make me sick that's why man this days don't respect us as women coz we giv them a playground to play us #askaman #TFR

4 years cheating? Some of y'all qualify for a Cheating degree. #AskAMan
Anonymous you're cheating as well have several seats awu "Just hand him back so his wife can also have fun with him" #AskAMan
You're leaving your husband because he was sleeping with other women while you're the other woman in someone's marriage #AskAMan @bonang_m
Futsek anonymous you are confusing yourself. #AskAman
LOL how do you leave a cheating man for another cheating man? #AskAMan
This woman knows the pain of being cheated on yet she's helping this man cheat on his wife kanti re jwang basadi?#AskAMan
This woman doesn't want her husband to cheat but wants to cheat with a married man?#AskAMan
"My husband has been cheating me" i was like shem until i heard ausi o le ena ke side chick ya a married man aowa lena #AskAMan

Husband has been cheating with different women..many times..she is fed she met a married guy and she is in love with him #AskAMan

#AskAMan my husband was cheating on me. Now i met someone, he's married. And im so in love.