Following HHP’s announcement on the Gareth Cliff Show on how he suffered depression and attempted to commit suicide three times last week, everyone has been talking about it.

However, it seems like some people do not fully understand the effects of depression as witnessed by Metro FM’s dj Mo Flava who did went on to Tweet about how someone successful and famous would want to commit suicide. Looks like in Mo’s world, once you are successful and famous, you are immune to life’s problems like depression.
It seems some listeners are not too impressed with Metro FM DJ Mo Flava, who apparently made an insensitive comment towards HHP’s suicide attempts.
Mo Flava, who hosts the Morning Fix on the radio station, felt the wrath of an unpleased listener who believed that his comment after the interview was irresponsible.
So what exactly did Mo Flava say?
Well, according to a Facebook post below, Mo flava asked:
‘’Why would you want to kill yourself when you’re so famous and successful?’’
This did not settle well with the radio station’s listeners. Here’s the rest of the Facebook extract from one of Metro FM’s listeners:

Realising his mess,  Mo Flava did send out a Tweet asking people how they can offer advice to HHP. The Tweet received a positive response from many.