Sinazo Yolwa has spoken about her desire to have three kids.
The Real Goboza presenter and businesswoman spoken of her desire to become a mother to three children. During an interview on the Great Express with host Pearl Modiadie, Pearl had mentioned how much Sinazo’s fans on social media had been pestering her about getting married and having kids.
Yoliswa admitted that one day all of that will happen when the time is right:
“It’s coming guys, I’m planning on having three kids, if I can just find a way to have a little boy and two girls, that would be great.”
Sinazo also emphasised the importance of living her life the best way she can and having no regrets:
“I’ve got an almost morbid attitude towards death and I want to die knowing that there’s nothing I’ve done that I didn’t do.
That’s why in my career I also do freelance work so I can pursue my other passions like travelling and entrepreneurship. I don’t ever want to be looking back 15 years later and realise that I wasted all these years in an office.” 

Sinazo also revealed that her clothing line – Purfect 8, recently did a shoot for their winter collection of scarves and jerseys.
Source : Online