One of the reasons DStv repeat broadcasts programmes is to give all its subscribers a chance to watch what they want, the company explained on its website.
“Not everyone has the freedom to watch what they want, when they want to,” said DStv.
“Our 5.5 million South African customers lead busy lives – some of us rush around during the day while others work at night, and others are just too busy to watch their favourite show when it goes on air.”
The pay TV broadcaster said that while some shows are repeated often, the number of repeats varies from channel to channel.
It said some channels, like M-Net, are only available to DStv Premium subscribers and get the latest shows and movies first.
These shows and movies will be screened a few months later on channels that are available on other packages.
“Offering shows and movies across our channels on all packages means that, sooner or later, everyone gets a chance to see it and enjoy it,” said DStv.
Another reason there are repeats, especially on movie channels, is because Hollywood only makes about 600 movies a year, said DStv. At two hours per title, that’s 1,200 hours of movies.
“A single movie channel needs 8,760 hours to fill up the schedule every day for a year.”
“It is for this reason that you see a mix of brand new movies and old favourites on our movie channels.”