An EFF supporter has torched a storm when he boldly stated that women who are breast feeding should not do it in public. The man who is an avid EFF supporter, was speaking at a gathering in the Limpopo town of Musina when a big b_reasted lady whipped out her milk jars to feed her hungry baby. This did not go down well with the speaker who summoned the lady to go outside as she was ‘distracting him’.
The angry speaker could not finish his speech and blamed the poor mother who by now had covered her natural milk containers with a towel.
‘Now I do not know where I was’ said the infuriated man while shuffling through his speech papers before adding, ‘If I ever come into power I will make sure we ban this’,  much to the laughter of attendees.
The people had gathered to celebrate party president Julius Malema’s 35th birthday.
There were no other incidents however after that as people enjoying the rest of their celebrations and had a good time.