This morning I found a note on my door from my duplex neighbour (upstairs unit) and he was asking if he could spend time with my dog. His note says that he has anxiety and being around pets helps calm him down. He’s a college student so he doesn’t have one of his own. He offered to pet sit while I’m at work, take her for walks, or just play with her. He said that he would watch her in his apartment, so I’m not worried about him robbing me. I really don’t know him though. We have never said much more to each other than “Hello” in passing.

I’m kind of nervous about this. My dog is only a year old and honestly isn’t super disciplined. I’d let them meet before I ever left her with him but where would my liability be if she broke something of his or bit him? What if she gets out while he’s watching her? I know that people hire dog walkers all the time but I’m just so uneasy letting someone be around my baby without me there lol.

Any advice, please?