Lerumo demands Anzani stop seeing Phehello, Lucas attacks Hector and Gontse starts with driving lessons. Scandal!, weekdays at 7:30PM


An emotional and remorseful recounting of an incident moves Anzani, but does nothing to heal the rift in another relationship. Lucas approaches an ally and an enemy to help him unearth an agenda. Gontse takes the first step towards realising a dream.


Lerumo, desperate for direct information, betrays the trust of someone he loves. Lucas is surprised by his own response to a development which he engineered. Gontse places her trust in a stranger and her future transportation issues in the hands of Ndumiso.


A husband and wife lie to one another, but only one of them is aware that they are being lied to. Dintle pretends to be something she is not and Hector pretends not to know someone he does. Ndumiso decides to take a chance with a possession that is very dear to him.


Anzani manages to cross a major barrier in her life and begs Lerumo to do the same. Lucas has words of caution for Layla, and Grace makes Lucas an offer he is unlikely to refuse. Gontse learns the hard way that one's nearest and dearest do not make the best teachers.


Someone is at the receiving end of harsh judgment from a relative, and later commits suicide. Grace receives some news which obviously unsettles her and makes an announcement to Lucas which flabbergasts him. Gontse acquires some skills from a neighbour but it's not all plain sailing.

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