Mandlakazi’s operation is a success, Selo bails Tsietsi out and the family bid goodbye to Monwabisi. Ashes To Ashes, weekdays at 8PM


Bab' Hlongwane doesn't arrive in time for the transplant. Mandlakazi's operation is a success but she is too weak to be told about Monwabisi. Nkozo brings Mickey back to the country and tries to turn him in. Damian is distraught over Monwabisi's death. Stitch supports Reba during her loss.


Mpho uses Pinki to bring back Monwabisi's body after pretending to be his wife. Tsietsi panics because he has no lawyer for the bail hearing while Reba is left distraught. Violet comes back and offers to take over for Damian, but he wants to be in charge.

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Selo asks Reba to take charge at Namane funerals. Tsietsi sneaks into the hospital to see his mother and Selo throws him out. Nkonzo gets a lead on Nokulunga. Damian and Violet both try to run Namane funerals. Stitch is falling deeply in love with Reba, but she is not interested.


Selo refuses for Mpho to be involved in the funeral arrangements for Monwabisi. Mandlakazi wakes up and asks for Monwabisi. Nokulunga clashes with Mpho and Mantsho at the Namane residence on her way to fetch Tsietsi's clothes. Tsietsi and Nokulunga look to future plans and how to survive. Damian tries to assert his authority at Namane Funerals when Violet gives orders.


Reba discovers that Selo paid Tsietsi's bail and feels betrayed. Selo washes and dresses Monwabisi. Nkonzo confronts Nokulunga about her past. Stitch says his emotional goodbye's to Monwabisi. Damian and Nokulunga meet and the two divas sass each other out.

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