Is your partner going to cheat on you soon?

The truth is that no one knows the answer to this question, and in all honesty, most people wish they did to avoid a lot of heartache and to jump ship before it goes under. But what if the nature of their job could lead them to be unfaithful?

When people think of a career choice that could make one's partner susceptible to cheating, specific risqué professions, like working in a strip club or being an adult escort, spring to mind.

But are there less conspicuous careers that could earn your partner a roving eye and be a landmine for your relationship?

We spoke to relationship counselor Lethabo Ntsasa to determine which careers we should raise our eyebrows at.

Ntsasa says cheating can happen anywhere, even in the most unlikely places.

"There is a bit of cynicism that has to be involved to believe that a career choice could leave anyone vulnerable to cheating.

"First of all, if your partner wants to cheat on you, they will, period. Some people have had affairs in church!

"Cheating has a lot to do with how your partner values you as a person and the relationship.

"So the examples I provide are based purely on which professions dangle the most bait, but remember, it is all your partner's responsibility how they handle temptation, as well as how much they value you and the relationship in the first place.

"This is also not to insinuate that any people in these careers are unfaithful. Their choice of careers just provides the opportunity and possibility."

Ntsasa's top professions leave room for cheating.

1. Politicians

"If the Bill Clinton scandal opened our eyes to anything, it is that politicians have a lot of cheating scandals behind closed doors.

"South Africa has also had its fair share of sex scandals involving politicians.

"My theory is that it has everything to do with power and being in control.

"Some people get into a position of power and deem themselves invincible and lower their regard for other people, and in this case, their spouses."

2. Waiters and bartenders

"They have ample opportunity to flirt and get lots of offers of phone numbers [from] patrons.

"Waitresses often get offered lifts home by interested suitors.

"Temptation can also come with being a waiter at an elite, upmarket establishment with wealthy business people as clientele."

3 Event organisers

"They meet many people in their line of work, many of whom would love to ingratiate themselves to score that invite to the next event.

"So, in a way, they are in a position of power, and some people like to take advantage of that."

4. Pastors

"We have known of some shady pastors out there.

"The appeal for a pastor to have an affair probably lies in the ability to get away with it.

"They are people no one would suspect, as they are the pinnacle of virtue to their congregations. Plus, men and women often confront them looking for solace, which might leave room for temptation."

5. Entertainment industry folk

One word: groupies.

"They are in the limelight, and thousands of people are fantasizing about conquering their affections.

"If your partner is an attention seeker and one of those who let fame go to their head, your relationship may be in trouble."

6. Long-distance truck drivers 

"Some are notorious for picking up different women along their travel routes.

"The temptation here is simple; they are on the road for days on end, away from home for long periods.

"If loneliness comes knocking during that time, they may just give in." journalists

"They travel a lot and go to different kinds of events, sometimes daily.

"They come in contact with various influential people and may find themselves the objects of desire.

"Not everyone has the power to say 'No'."