In the 20s, you determine and realise what life is all about. In figuring out life and dealing with the relationships of people around you, people make some of the worst mistakes in life. That said, some poor choices have lasting effects that are easily avoidable, like not starting to save money. So, here are the 10 worst mistakes people make in their 20s.
1. They think education and talent are enough to become successful
High intelligence, natural talent, and degrees from elite universities are all good things to have, but they in no way guarantee that you will land a great job — and mean nothing when paired with hard work. How you work with others and carry yourself can also be much more important in advancing your career.
2. Pursuing a paycheck instead of a passion.
In your 20s, you’re likely still finding who you really are. You’re still allowed to be selfish and, hopefully, have dreams. Because of this, no other time in your life will be so perfect to pursue what makes you happy and what indeed energizes you over financial success (which is a crapshoot, anyway)
3. Comparing yourself to your friends and superiors.
News flash: you’ll be “figuring it out” until the day you die. Everyone you know will be figuring it out until the day they die, too. .1% of your Facebook friends may be millionaires at 24, but that doesn’t mean you’re far from the finish line. We’ve all got our own paths, and you’re on yours. Don’t let the happy and vacation photos give you a negative mindset; that’ll just hold you back from taking the next step.
4. Wasting time on relationships that hold you back.
We’ve all been there in one way or another — the boyfriend that doesn’t want you to travel. The girlfriend who demands more of your time away from work. The friend group that is content spending three nights a week at the same bar for years. In your 20s, it’s an excellent time to analyze the ROI of these relationships (the return on investment). If the connection is bettering you, great! Stick with it. If it holds you back and keeps you from being your best, there’s no reason to stick around.
5. Thinking you are settled
Life is a journey of endless struggles. One of the worst mistakes to make in your 20s is thinking you are settled. Getting a job that pays you well isn’t just enough. Navigating politics, building rapport, and socializing with capable people are equally important.
6. Not saving too much
If you didn’t know this already, not saving much is perhaps the worst mistake a person can make in his 20s. Start saving right from your first salary. It will take you a long way in life.
7. Trying To Please Anyone
Pleasing everyone around you is going to serve only some of the purpose. You never know how long people will last in your life. Be nice to the critical people, and quit trying to please too many people.
8. Equating happiness with money
Another of those worst mistakes to make in your 20s is to compare and go on to equate money with happiness. Money is not happiness. Happiness is never determined by how much money you have. Never! You’re setting yourself up for years of regret if you pursue a paycheck rather than your passion.
9. Procrastinating a lot
It can be tempting to set aside your longest-held aspirations, continually thinking that you’ll have time for them later. But then you’ll find yourself at an age where it may be too late to change careers, graduate school, or start a family.
10. They give up when things get tough
Ending a serious relationship, getting fired from a job, and having your startup crash and burn can all seem life-destroying when they happen to you for the first time. But rather than giving up or aiming for a lower target the next time, you should use failures as opportunities to learn and improve yourself.