A female suicide bomber attacked the home of a village head, Bulama Isa in Maiduguri yesterday evening, killing his three wives and their 10 children yesterday December 27th. The incident happened as Boko haram members engaged the Nigerian troops in a gun battle earlier yesterday evening. 
Eyewitnesses say the woman pretended Boko Haram was chasing her, as she ran into the compound of the village head.
“She ran into Bulama Isa’s compound shouting ‘Boko Haram, Boko Haram. When the families of Isa all came out of their rooms to meet the woman in the center of their compound, the woman simply detonated the bomb she had under her garment killing the man his three wives and ten children” a witness said
Bulama Isa who had not returned home yet at the time his home came under attack managed to survive another suicide attack at the entrance of his home. Sources said another female suicide who was lurking in the dark as the grief struck head of the family walked into his attacked compound, jumped out and detonated herself: but the village head was lucky again.

He was able to escape with minor injury, but the blast had succeeded in killing a woman with her baby.