The truth about Lucky and Hlengiwe comes out. Gold Diggers, weekdays at 8PM.

Big Boy hatches a plan. Israel feels that he overstepped the line with May. May goes back to her own reality, and Ronald overhears Lucky and Hlengiwe.
D in the details

Israel needs May to believe that his intentions are pure. Gideon wants his bird in his gilded cage. Ronald interrogates Hlengiwe feeling emasculated.

May continues to pry on who Israel really is, but Ruth doesn’t like this. Ruth wonders if May might be right about Israel. Ronald pressures Hlengiwe who is defiant, but he later regrets the pressure he put on her. Will Big Boy’s plan work
Move after move after move

Israel makes a move on Ruth. Gideon enjoys messing with Big Boy while elevating Nandipha. The truth comes out around Ronald and Hlengiwe.
Moth into butterfly

Big Boy believes he’s lost. Ruth demands answers, while Hlengiwe makes a big decision. Gideon tells Williams that being Big Boy’s lap dog will hurt him.