Facebook tracks what you do on the social media platform, including which photos you have liked, comment you’ve made, and people or pages you have searched for.
According to a report by Business Insider, like Google, Facebook has a record of every search you’ve ever performed on the platform.
This makes it easier for you to find previously-searched information, with Facebook showing you recent searches when you click on the search tab.
If you want to delete this browsing history, or are concerned someone may access your account and see what you’ve been up to on Facebook, here’s how to wipe the slate clean.

First, click on the Search box on your Facebook account. This will produce a drop-down menu with your recent search history.
At the top-right of the Recent Searches menu, you will see the word Edit – click on it.
This will take you to the Search menu page. A list of your searches is present. Delete individual searches by clicking on the circle icon next to the search term and selecting Delete.
You can delete all search data by selecting the Clear Searches option at the top-right of the page.