Sindisiwe Manqele is a South African woman who stand accused of murder following the of South African rapper Nkululeko “Flabba” Habedi.

BornSindisiwe Precious
South Africa
Know ForDeath of Flabba
Murder Trial
StatusOut on Bail
Sindisiwe Precious Manqele was born in South Africa, it is not clear in which town and province.
It is understood that her father, Themba Manqele, is a retired police officer.
Her parents home is in Birch Acres in Kempton Park in the Gauteng province of South Africa.
Sindisiwe Manqele is a registered student of Economics at Griffith College, a private private college in the city of Dublin in the Republic of Ireland.
She was no more that a regular person until the fateful morning of Monday March 9, 2015  when she allegedly stabbed her famed boyfriend, Nkululeko “Flabba” Habedi, to death.
Sindisiwe Manqele was in a relationship with Nkululeko “Flabba” Habedi for over a year to the day of his death.
Flabba was a South African rapper who rose to stardom as a member of the hip hop collective called Skwatta Kamp whose prominent members include Slikour (Siyabonga Metane) and Sugasmaxx (Lebogang Mothibe).
In a City Press article Sindisiwe Manqele was described by Flabba’s brother Tshepang Habedi “he was bubbly, humble and a beautiful soul who was madly in love with Flabba.”
The same article stated that Sindisiwe Manqele lived in Dublin, Ireland and came home to Johannesburg, South Africa for two weeks at a time for up to three times a year.
She had returned to South Africa in December 2014 and was due to go back Ireland in January 2015 but never did.
“Sindi came back from Ireland in December and used to come to Alexandra quite often. She was like part of the family and we treated her as one of our own. Flabba told us he had planned his future with her.
“Sindi seemed to be a nice girl. She was supposed to have gone back to Ireland in January – but she kept on postponing,” Tshepang Habedi was quoted saying.
Her extended stay in South Africa culminated in the death of rapper Nkululeko “Flabba” Habedi in the early morning hours of Monday of March 9, 2015.

The Death of Flabba

In the early hours of Monday March 9, 2015 reports began emerging that Flabba had died from a stab wound after his girlfriend allegedly stabbed him.
“At this stage we can confirm that a well known musician was allegedly stabbed to death,” police spokeswoman Lt-Col Katlego Mogale was quoted by Times Live.
“His girlfriend is in custody and she is expected to appear in court soon,” Lt-Col Katlego Mogale said.
The events that took place leading to the death of Flabba were later discussed by his brother Tshepang Habedi.
He told the City Press that Sindisiwe Manqele stabbed his brother, Flabba, with a steak knife from his [Flabba] kitchen.
“I loved him. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to kill him,” Sindisiwe Manqele reportedly told Tshepang Habedi shortly after she allegedly stabbed Flabba.
“I was asleep when my cousin, Luyanda, woke me up and told me our brother had been stabbed. I quickly jumped out of bed and ran into my brother’s room.
“I got the shock of my life when I found him on the floor, lying helpless in a pool of blood. Next to him there was a steak knife. I felt like someone had just woken me up from a dream,” Tshepang Habedi told the City Press.
“Sindisiwe kept on saying my brother was alive, but he was already dead,” Tshepang Habedi reportedly recalled.

  • A Series of Events that Culminated with the Stabbing to Death of Flabba
It has been reported that Sindisiwe Manqele had spent a week at Flabba’s home in Alexandra, Johannesburg while in a Times Live article it was reported that here father [Themba Manqele] said she had left her Birch Acres in Kempton Park on Friday evening saying she was going out with friends and would return on Monday.
Sindisiwe Manqele and Flabba had attended a joint birthday party hosted by  Lebohang “Sugasmaxx” Mothibe and record label boss and rapper Thabo “JR” Bogopa at The Sands Nightclub in Sandton, Gauteng.
The pair reportedly had a heated argument at that party, “It was just an argument between two people and I didn’t know it would escalate into this. At some point, the fight stopped and we were all in a jolly mood,” Nkululeko Chauke reportedly said.
Sindisiwe Manqele and Flabba left the party later that evening and headed to Alexandra where they were dropped off by Nkululeko Chauke.
When they arrived at Flabba’s home in Alexandra they seemed happy, Times Live reported.
“They came home with takeaways from McDonald’s,” Tshepang Habedi was quoted by Times Live.
Flabba joined two of his cousins for a smoke outside where he reportedly said to them, “My girlfriend and I aren’t on good terms right now, but it’s not a big issue, I will tell you later,” Mpho Motsoari – a cousin of Flabba – said.
He [Flabba] then tried to go into his room – one of several outside quarters on the property – but Sindisiwe Manqele had locked the door.
“He [Flabba] stood at the door begging her to open. “He smiled as she let him back in. “After a little while, Sindi came out screaming for help. We rushed into the room and he was lying in a pool of blood,” Mpho Motsoari was quoted saying.
“He died in my arms. I tried everything I could to stop him from dying. My cousin Luyanda and I even did CPR [cardiopulmonary resuscitation] on him and tried to stop the bleeding, but it was too late. He bled out,” Tshepang Habedi told the City Press.

Arrest, Court Appearance and Bail

Sindisiwe Manqele was arrested of Monday March 9, 2015 in connection with the death of Flabba and was held in the holding cells of Alexandra Police Station, on Tuesday (March 10, 2015) after her court appearance, she was transferred to Johannesburg Prison.
She stand accused of murder following the death of her boyfriend Nkululeko “Flabba” Habedi who she allegedly stabbed to death.
She pleaded not guilty to the charge of murder and told the court that she acted in self defence.
On Monday March 16, 2015 Sindisiwe Manqele appeared at Alexandra Magistrates Court in Johannesburg, Gauteng for her bail hearing; she was represented by her lawyer Amanda Vilakazi.
She [Sindisiwe Manqele] was granted bail of R10,000.00 [Ten Thousand Rand] with conditions which include reporting at the Midrand Police Station every Wednesday and Friday and informing the investigating officer if she left Gauteng province.
Sindisiwe Manqele is expected to return to court for her murder trial on Wednesday May 13, 2015.

Alleged Relationship with a Nigerian Man

In the aftermath of Flabba’s death and the resulting arrest of Sindisiwe Manqele the news reports quickly reached Ireland.
Reports began emerging that she [Sindisiwe Manqele] was in another relationship in Ireland with a Nigerian businessman.
According to an article on South African latest news website this was according to Griffith College students where Sindisiwe Manqele was a registered student.
The aforementioned students reportedly spoke to the South African media claiming that they were not aware that Sindisiwe Manqele was in a relationship with a rapper in her home country.
“Who is this guy Flabba?” said one. “We had no idea that she was in a steady relationship with a rapper back in South Africa.”
“As far as we know, she’s dating this Nigerian businessman here – and he’s been financing her opulent lifestyle,” the report said.
“Sindi used to fly to Paris and shop in expensive boutiques. She never mentioned anyone called Flabba,” a Griffith College student quoted.
“She loved to party and lived like an upper-class woman. She used to go around with her Nigerian hunky businessman. They were all lovey dovey!,” as quoted in the report.