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Requirements for Guest Contributors:

  1. Your Topics must need to be Original and High-Quality writing. 
  2. Verify your Contents in CopyScape before share with us. 
  3. We will not republish anything that’s been published elsewhere.
  4. 2. Inside your Story, you can place not more than 2 links to your Company Website or Blog. 
  5. Additionally, if you want you can provide 80 to 100 words Author’s Bio with 1 link.
  6. We accept Contents with minimum length 1000+  words or more.
  7. Adults, Offensive, Inaccurate or Illegal Contents are not allowed.
  8. We are accepting articles in English language only.
  9. Unique article means no spin or re-written stuff. 
  10. You are not allowed to publish the same article on any other website and do not submit any copied article if you are doing so; you are just wasting your time.
  11. Before submitting an article, check it for any spelling and grammatical mistakes.
  12. Always produce rich media contents by adding pictures, videos, graphics etc

Rules to Submit A Guest Post:

  1. Linking to commercial websites is considered advertising (if you are writing on behalf of a company there is a fee)
  2. We have rights to edit, make changes, correct any spellings/grammatical errors on the articles you sent. 
  3. We reserve the rights to edit or add our own picture to the articles you supplied. 
  4. We charge certain fees for commercial product links or commercial site links. 
  5. Every published article will be the sole property of The Edge Search and we will have the right to delete or not delete it if we find something suspicious about the post or the article. You can not also republish the same post elsewhere.

Why do you choose our Guest Blogging Services?

1. Provide Permanent Backlinks to your Business...
2. Will share your Story in our Network.
3. Will Create High Domain Authority back-links for your Stories.
4. Will index your link in Google and on a regular basis will make Top Search engine submission.
5. Will drive lifelong real Human Visitors to your deep link

For Inquiries 

E: [email protected]

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