Whether you are ready to start your four by grand tour, taste of Australia cooking show, or bush drone adventure channel, the latest ute canopy designs can fit any need. Increase your secured, weather-safe storage capacity for tools, equipment, and outdoor rec gear.

New on/off tray-back options for utes make them more versatile than ever. No wonder manufacturers are selling so many. When cars became mainstream and affordable, they were enjoyed for the freedom of travel. Owners could see and experience new things.

Now we leave our home city less than 10 days a year and have far more comfortable, safe, and reliable transportation. A truck with a camper shell can be designed with integrated climate-controlled sleeping and living areas. Have you seen the options for gadgets?

All the systems of a small RV are available. Install a solar system to operate fresh, grey & black water systems. Add undercounter refrigeration and an induction cooktop for a kitchen out of the weather. Slide-out shades will keep you and the vehicle cool.

Depending on your climate and application, an aluminium, steel, or fibreglass ute canopy will be better for you.
  • Fibreglass can be easily painted, does not corrode, and adds a layer of security from theft or environmental exposure.
  • Strong and sturdy steel canopies are ideal for protecting construction and trade tools and equipment.
  • Aluminium is a lighter but more expensive material that is as easily fabricated into a diverse range of useful shells.

Install tie-downs, cargo rails, and drop-sides for your ATVs and trail bikes. An extended tray will leave space for gear and tooling cabinets. A light bar behind the cab will offer occupants safety and space to locate focused or area flood lighting. Exchange your tailgate for a flip-down ramp to complete this kit.

A flat tray is convenient for bulky agriculture or landscaping loads. Agriculture equipment can benefit from a trustworthy support vehicle to assist with repairs in the field. A diesel tank with a pump to service ag-equipment saves time and money by keeping equipment working.

Installing push-bars and stock crates will convert your truck for livestock use. Get ready to tow various types of stock trailers and yard equipment. A multi-ball, pintle, or fifth-wheel towing option will keep things in motion around the yard.

Ladder racks can double as for kayaks, fishing poles, and other long, essential, recreational-life tools. Your family could include your pets with a cage designed for their comfort and safety. A full-length drawer will increase secure storage capacity and a bed cover will conceal all contents.

The accessories we should all include are; higher-quality fog lighting, a road safety kit for the vehicle, a medical kit for our occupants, and an increased common-use spare parts kit. Properly tie down or secure all objects, including yourself. Wear your seatbelt. Insist your passengers do as well.

I hope you can take the time to drive and experience more of our beautiful country in safety and comfort.