If you have decided to take the Southeast Asian posting and relocating to Bangkok, you have come to the right place, as we offer useful information to help a western family adjust to life in the tropical paradise that is Thailand.


Regardless of age, your kids need to have structure to their learning and relocating to Thailand doesn’t have to disrupt their education. Check out some of the Thailand international schools that use the UK curriculum; they hire teachers from the UK, experienced certified people who know how to deliver an exciting curriculum. Of course, international education is never going to be cheap, but your employer should be covering children’s school fees and you should be looking to provide the best education you can.

Bangkok life

It does surprise some people that Bangkok is not a backward city; far from it; fashionable shopping malls, state of the art mass transit systems, with roads that would put some developed countries to shame. The City of Angels is a very safe place to live and your employer would help you find a suitable family size home in a gated community, where you have 24/7 manned security. There are numerous ways to get around Bangkok; your employer may provide you with a car and driver, which certainly helps.

Vibrant expat community

Bangkok has a lively expat community, so you won’t have any problems meeting like-minded expats; go to a school meeting and you will meet other expat families and social media can connect you with foreign groups. Whatever your hobbies and interests, there will be others who have the same passion and connecting is never an issue. Click here for how private schools tailor their education to suit the students.

Health insurance

Medical treatment in Thailand can be very expensive and we recommend taking out a family policy with one of the major insurers; there are a number of policies that you could choose; use Google to help you compare premiums and cover; an online payment activates the policy, protecting you and your family from day one! Bangkok has some of the best hospitals in the world, with English speaking doctors and nurses.

Long term visas

While you would have a work permit, your family would be staying on dependent visas and your employer would handle the visa application process. If you ever decide to leave Thailand for a short time, make sure apply for re-entry visa, otherwise your long-term visas are void. Never allow your visa to expire, as there are serious penalties that may include jail, deportation and even long bans from entering Thailand. Click here for information on entry requirements.

If you are planning to stay in Thailand for a few years, it makes sense to learn to speak Thai; there are online courses to help the whole family pick up the local language, which is not easy thing to master. Learn new words in the class and you can practice when you are out and about, which is the best way to learn any language.