There are two types of people here in Australia when it comes to the nails on your hands and feet, one is a person who takes time to take care of their nails, and there are others who love to bite them all day long. If you are the latter person but you do want to change, and you want to make sure that you have nails that are not only healthy but look fantastic as well, then you have certainly come to the right place. There is absolutely no doubt that nails that are groomed on a regular basis always provide the best first impression possible and it will also make your hands look a lot younger as well.

It is probably the case that you are the type of person who has their hands soaked in washing up liquid every single day or maybe you use your hands a lot in a working capacity. Whatever your circumstances, there are always ways to make your hands look a lot better than they do currently. You could invest in some very affordable nail polish and buy a nail dryer if you are the type of person who is constantly on the move and you need them to dry quickly. This is just one top tip to provide you with the healthiest and best-looking nails possible, and the following are some others.
  • Try to keep your hands clean - Get into the habit of washing your hands several times every single day and then follow up with a hand moisturizing cream that will stop them from drying up. A simple way to make sure that your nails are properly cleaned is to buy yourself a new toothbrush and then use gentle soap to clean the nails themselves and the area surrounding them as well. This acts as an exfoliator and removes any dead skin cells from them.
  • Clip your nails on a regular basis—You get your hair cut on a regular basis, so why don’t you get your nails cut as often? If you consistently trim your nails, you are making them stronger and less likely to break. The guidelines are to make sure that you try to clip them at least once every couple of weeks.
  • Don’t obsess about length - Many women are always trying to grow their nails longer but you are jeopardising your nail health. Longer nails indeed look really good but they are also more prone to breakages. It is very simple to buy stick-on nails nowadays for those times when you’re going out for the night, and you want to create the best first impression possible. These can then be removed later and your nails are protected the whole time.
You should set aside time every week for the maintenance and care of your hands' nails because it is very important.