Makeovers for Kids' Parties

Do you wish you could throw a fantastic DIY Disney Princess makeover party for your little princess? Look no further! In this Guide we provide all the steps for hosting an enchanted DIY princess party and leave all guests feeling like royalty - starting by giving each princess with her dream gown from homemade creations or the popular Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique dresses, or whatever suits best your little one! To ensure everyone feels like she just came out of their favorite fairytale book storybook adventure.

Planning Your Princess Party

A successful princess party starts with proper preparation. The first step should be setting an event date that works for both you and your guests to maximize attendance and ensure maximum enjoyment. Next, send out invitations that match the theme of the celebration!

Be it traditional paper invitations adorned with glitter and fairy-tale imagery or digital invites featuring animated princesses, make sure the invitations capture the imaginations of young guests and set a magical atmosphere at your celebration!

After creating your princess party vision, outline all the supplies necessary for its realization. From dresses and accessories to makeup and decorations, an organized checklist will keep things on track and ensure no detail goes uncovered. Plan to set a budget ahead of time as well—starting gathering materials early can prevent last-minute stress!

Selecting the Perfect Princess Dresses

One of the highlights of any princess party is dressing like royalty for photos! When selecting dresses for each guest princess at your event, take care to select attire that reflects each person's individual preferences and personalities and ensures each princess feels truly regal on this momentous day.

Invite your guests to be their favorite Disney princesses by dressing like them and selecting outfits that reflect their styles and characters. From ball gowns like Cinderella's to ocean depth exploration in Ariel's tail mermaid tail suit mermaid tailsuit, there are endless opportunities for creating their perfect Disney princess ensemble!

And while DIY costumes made out of fabrics and DIY embellishments are certainly creative options, why not browse Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique dresses for an additional element of authenticity? With their wide range of styles and sizes offered, every princess feels special on her special day! These boutique dresses provide quality with comfort in equal measures, providing all little princesses an experience on this momentous milestone day in history!

Setting Up a DIY Princess Salon

Turn an area in your home into a makeover magic salon where makeover magic will occur! Deck out this space with twinkling lights, fluffy pillows, elegant mirrors, and twinkle lamps for maximum oomph! Establish hair, makeup, and nail stations while having plenty of tiaras and accessories to complete the transformation experience of being transformed into royalty!

Mastering Simple Makeup Techniques

When mastering simple makeup techniques for young princesses, less is often more. Choose safe products explicitly designed for their sensitive skin and focus on enhancing rather than concealing their natural beauty by teaching your daughters to apply light foundation, some blush, and subtle lip colors for an eye-catching glow!

Hairdos that Make Princess Makeovers Complete

No princess makeover would be complete without an amazing hairdo for your child to emulate her favorite princesses—whether that is flowing locks like Rapunzel's or elegant updos like Cinderella's! Numerous tutorials and tips are available online to help your little princess achieve her ideal style—experiment with braids, curls, and accessories until finding one that makes her feel like royalty!

Hosting a Magical Makeover Party

Once the preparations have been finished, it's time for an unforgettable makeover party! Treat your guests with royal activities such as hosting a tea party complete with fancy teacups and delectable treats or setting up a photo booth complete with props and backdrops that can capture lifelong memories of being Disney princesses right before your eyes! Most importantly, show love and attention to both your little princess and her friends—you might see their dreams come true before your very own eyes!


Hosting a DIY Disney princess makeover party can be an unforgettable experience that every little princess should enjoy. Following this guide's steps in gathering supplies and inviting your guests, you can craft an eventful celebration filled with romance. So go on; grab all your supplies, invite all your guests, and unleash your inner Disney princess as you embark upon this fairy tale journey together - let the magic begin!