Choosing The Best
Are you ready to try growing cannabis? If so, you aren't alone. Countless individuals have taken up this activity in recent years. However, to be successful, you need to start with high-quality seeds. This is not the time to try and save a few dollars. The seeds you choose will play a large role in the success of your crop.

When you start with poor-quality seeds, the plants will be stunted. They won't yield much cannabis, if any. How can you distinguish quality cannabis seeds from those of low quality? What traits should you look for?


Look at the seed closely. The goal is to find seeds that are a light-to-dark brown color. They should have a mottled or striped pattern and a hard outer shell. To test the shell, put gentle pressure on it. If the shell cracks or dents, the seed is not of good quality.

The seed should be somewhat oval-shaped and feel dense. A light or hollow feeling seed is not a healthy one. Never buy seeds with cracks, discoloration, mold, or other damage. You won't have good results with them.

Breeder Reputation

Reputable seed banks only sell products of high quality. If their products are inferior, customers won't return when they need more. Look for a reputable breeder with an established track record in the industry. You want one who is known for stable, vigorous genetics. One way to find this breeder is to read online reviews from various sources. Forums dedicated to cannabis cultivation are another good place to gather information about breeders.

Strain Information

When buying seeds, request detailed information about the strain. The breeder or seed bank should be able to tell you about the strain's genetics and its typical characteristics. In addition, they should provide information on the ideal grow conditions for the strain along with the anticipated cannabinoid and terpene levels. If they cannot do so, you may want to look elsewhere. Seeds from an established medical or commercial seed bank will come with plenty of data so you can choose those strains suitable for your grow environment and those that will provide the desired effects. The seller will also be able to share whether the seed is regular, feminized, or autoflowering.

Germination Guarantees

A reputable seed bank will typically provide a germination guarantee. If a predetermined percentage of the seeds you purchase don't germinate, it either provides you with a refund or new seeds. This guarantee shows the seed bank stands behind its products. Although this guarantee doesn't mean the seeds will grow successfully after they germinate, it lets you know of their base genetic viability.

Uniformity and Stability

When examining cannabis seeds, look for physical uniformity. Although the seeds won't be identical, they should appear very similar, as this shows the genetics are well-established and stable. Significant inconsistencies in the size, shape, color, or markings of the seeds are a reason for concern.


Cannabis plants may develop hermaphroditic characteristics. They will have both male and female reproductive organs, which is a sign of a genetic defect or poor breeding practices. Stressful grow conditions may also lead to the development of hermaphrodites. If seeds are produced and packaged properly, hermaphrodites are rare. When a breeder has a high rate of hermaphrodites, you need to be concerned about questionable genetics or improper seed handling.

There are no guarantees when you grow cannabis. However, starting with quality seeds increases your odds of a successful harvest. Investing in quality seeds from the start will pay off when your crop comes in.