Quilt covers you say? I’m not sure how much attention the average person pays to their quilt covers, but there are a lot of different options available on the market today, that can personalise your bed and bedroom, but also help with your sleep. Let’s take a look at some of the options available, and what they may be able to offer you.
  1. Silk Quilt Covers – Let’s go straight in with the most luxurious of all the quilt covers out there – the silk quilt covers! Incredibly luxurious, but smooth as, well, silk and as soft as anything. They give your bedroom that lavish look, and definitely add a touch of class and elegance to the bedroom. If silk is for you, then go for it! Here is a selection of super king quilt cover that you might like.
  2. Cotton Quilt Covers – Probably the most common and well-known quilt cover out there, the good old cotton quilt cover is very easy to maintain, durable and breathable, so a great choice if practicality is what you are looking for. They do come in a range of thread counts and have different selections of colors and patterns to suit your personality.
  3. Patterned Quilt Covers – If you want to add a bit of flair or ‘Je ne sais quoi’ (that’s French), patterned quilt covers may be right up your alley. They offer some great designs from floral and striped, to geometric or abstract designs. These will certainly add some of ‘you’ to your bedroom, and add a touch of fun to the bedroom look.
  4. Linen Quilt Covers – Linen is a great choice, if you are looking for something that can work during all of the seasons. It offers great breathability while also feeling luxurious and comfortable. Its casual and relaxed appearance may suit those of you not fussed by bold colors and adding real character to the bedroom, but they are certainly charming in their appearance.
  5. Microfiber Quilt Covers – For affordability and durability, microfiber is a stand-out choice. It is a synthetic material and offers a lot of practicality, in that it is lightweight, soft, and easy to wash and care for, so it makes those horrible laundry days just a little easier, knowing you won’t get too much hassle from the microfiber quilt cover, at least.
  6. Quilted Quilt Covers – Maybe we remember these from our grandma’s house, being that they are timeless and still widely used today. They have a layer of padding between two layers of fabric, making them extra warm and so comfortable. With decorative stitching, they are very pretty to look at and add something different and interesting to the bedroom.

Here is a quick rundown of some of the super king quilt covers available today. There is something out there for everyone, whether you want the flair of silk or the practicality of microfibre. As long as you know what you are looking for, the perfect option is out there for you.