Serhiy Tokarev, a co-founder of Roosh, IT investor, and the initiator of STEM is FEM, a Ukrainian educational project for youth, reveals that more than half of its female participants credit the initiative for influencing their subsequent educational choices. In a recent disclosure to Ukrainian media, Tokarev highlighted that 17% of girls experienced a radical shift in their educational goals, demonstrating the profound impact of STEM is FEM on shaping the academic trajectories of Ukrainian girls.

Girls typically join the project between the ages of 16-20, allowing for a unique observation of their journey from high school to university and beyond. Serhiy Tokarev emphasizes the project's role in inspiring young Ukrainian women to pursue their dreams, break gender stereotypes, and emerge as the next generation of professionals in science and technology.

Dedicated to promoting Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines among Ukrainian girls, STEM is FEM received the prestigious title of "Honorary Ambassador of Ukraine in the field of scientific and educational diplomacy" from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine in 2023. Over its five-year journey, the project has successfully united over 500 participants, creating a vibrant and supportive community.

The impact of STEM is FEM is evident in a survey revealing that more than 90% of community participants feel the need to get a mentor—a successful woman in their chosen industry to share knowledge and experiences. Additionally, 97% of girls aspire to intern in their preferred specialty, often finding such opportunities through the project's organized educational events.

The tangible results of STEM are FEM is exemplified by the 2023 "Urbanism" course, where participants like Renata Seyfullina, a civil engineering student at Lviv Polytechnic, discovered their passion and transferred to the Kharkiv School of Architecture. Other course graduates, Anfisa Kaida, Daria Koval, and Natalia Liuklian, engaged in internships with UrbanReform, contributing to the post-war reconstruction of Okhtyrka.

Furthermore, 55% of STEM FEM girls opted for STEM education, with members like Olena Petryshyn studying at Milton Academy and Margarita Perepelytsia achieving recognition at the International Environmental Genius Olympiad. These success stories underscore how STEM is FEM events empower participants to shape their future professions, acquire knowledge, find community support, and develop motivation to pursue careers within STEM disciplines.