Bartender Service Provider

Are you planning an event or a party in the near future? Then, it is essential to choose quality bartending services to ensure that your visitors and guests are served and taken care of in the best way possible. Besides, they will help you to run the event smoothly because they understand how to serve every guest with professionalism and experience in the field of bartending. Having everything run well and even run smoothly will enable you to create a memorable and enjoyable day for all present people. But to achieve this, you must choose a quality bartender, including bartending service in Minneapolis, MN. Here are essential tips that you should remember to choose the right one.

Considerations to look at before hiring a bartender for your event


Before you begin looking for a bartender, ensure they are available on the set date of your event. This is essential because it will ensure you get the right bartender for your event. You don't want to choose a bartender who fails to avail on your special day because that will paralyze the servicing part.

Inquire with your venue.

When hiring bartenders, you should consult with the venue host and know if they will allow you to hire private bartenders for your events or if you must get services from their service providers. This will help you in case there are strict policies towards bartending insurance. Some venues provide you with the following;
  • bartending facilities
  • bar services
  • alongside essential booking.

Therefore, check with your location and know the equipped facilities before you hire a bartender for your event.

Alcohol measurement and number of guests

The amount of alcohol you intend to serve your guests and the number of present guests will determine the number of bartender service providers you hire. Typically, if you are a bartender and can service 50 guests, then if you have 300 guests, you should employ around six bartenders. The same should apply depending on the amount of alcohol your guest will drink.

Inquire about insurance

It doesn't matter whether it is a private or bartender service. You should seek to know the liability of the insurance provider. Therefore, the venue should answer all questions about alcohol use and its rules. In most instances, you may need a one-day event insurance to cater to your bartenders.

Value for professional services

Getting professional and qualified bartenders will enhance your event. For example, weddings are tasteful events that require these services, and your vendors will reflect that depending on your ideal event theme. Hiring professional and knowledgeable people to offer your bartender services will ensure your day remains polished to stick to the mood of the function.

Pricing and packages

It is essential to know the entire requirement to be included in the price for your services and any other additional cost that will be required. Always inquire about a bar setup and other essentials that give a complete price picture.

In an event, the method used to serve your food and beverages can make or break the whole event, especially a wedding experience. Therefore, to ease your day, you are encouraged to get professional help from bartenders, like bartending service in Minneapolis, MN, for your big day. If you adhere to the above tips, you will surely get the best service provider for your event.