The natural beauty of a dense, green forest is something to behold. Beautiful to the eye, trees with thick underbrush protect all manners of flora and fauna. Beyond being beautiful, forests filter pollutants from the air and provide much-needed oxygen for our planet's inhabitants. Without trees, life as we know it would come to a grinding halt.

But what happens when forests become densely overgrown? Just like people, trees need room to spread out and breathe. Overcrowding makes natural forests ripe for disease and pest infestations that harm tree health. The good news is that there are productive ways to deal with this crucial issue, such as using Forestry mulching in Kissimmee to thin out unhealthy overgrowth.

What is Forestry Mulching?

Forestry mulching involves clearing the land by using a machine to judiciously remove trees and underbrush from an area that has become densely overgrown. The unwanted trees and surrounding brush are then finely ground into natural mulching material and left in the area as mulch. This mulch provides soil protection to help fight erosion and naturally breaks down to return essential nutrients to the earth.

Soil Improvement

One advantage of using a forestry mulching service versus simply bulldozing an entire area is less damage is created by heavy equipment, which compacts the soil from the weight of the machinery. Using lighter-weight maneuverable machinery to remove and grind trees and brush, you selectively remove unwanted overgrowth while leaving the soil in a more natural, aerated state. With the natural ground matter left in the place of unwanted overgrowth, the process becomes more like nature intended, with indigenous organic matter returned to the earth decomposing to amend the soil while preserving moisture and keeping invasive species of plants to a minimum.

Prevent Wildfires

While protected burns have been and are still utilized today, using forestry mulching eliminates the need for burns while protecting the surrounding forest from damage. Worse yet, without forestry mulching, forests can become a virtual tinderbox, meaning that fires could randomly start due to the buildup of dried leaves and underbrush not cleared away.

Years of buildup from dead leaves and organic matter make fires that burn very hot and can be extremely dangerous. Wildfires are damaging because they spare nothing in their path, including the lives of animals that depend on them for survival in their natural habitat. In the event of a wildfire due to natural or manufactured causes, with a forest that has been treated with forestry mulching to thin out the overgrowth, it is far less devastating when a fire does rage through the managed area. Find available services in Forestry mulching Kissimmee online.

Forestry Mulching- A Healthy Option

Being proactive in protecting and caring for our land is critical, and the sustainability of our forested lands is vital to the health of our planet and its inhabitants. Part of protecting our earth is the practical management of our natural resources. Forestry mulching is a healthy option for accomplishing this goal. Look for Forestry mulching Kissimmee online for more information on controlling woodland properties through mechanical forestry mulching.