Jersey Knife
Shieldon, a leading Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for knife businesses, recently showcased the complete production process of its popular Jersey knife model. This transparent demonstration highlights Shieldon's expertise in knife crafting, assembly, and packaging, reinforcing its reputation as a trusted supplier in the OEM knife and tool market.
  • The company's meticulous process begins with the skilful assembly of the Jersey knife, characterized by its functional design, including a lock bar that ensures blade security.
  • Each knife undergoes manual assembly, embodying Shieldon's commitment to quality and fine detail.
  • This dedication is even more evident when you see how Shieldon transparently showcases the assembly process of the Jersey knife.
Beyond manufacturing, Shieldon's holistic approach extends to the packaging design. Despite encountering initial ambiguities in the client's brief, Shieldon's talented graphic design team successfully materialized the customer's vision.

Drawing inspiration from the brand's logo and color scheme, they created a premium lid-and-base box with an EVA tray to ensure product protection during shipping.

In their pursuit of customer satisfaction, Shieldon has taken a meticulous design approach, using their expertise in brand establishment. The packaging process, from creating prototypes to mass production, was completed within an impressive 45-day timeframe.

The packaging solution includes a business card-sized instruction paper and a protective film wrapper that encloses the box, bringing happiness to customers and demonstrating Shieldon's unwavering commitment to their clients and international relationships.

To stay in line with international logistics regulations, Shieldon even helped out with carton production and Customs clearance. They quickly learned the important lesson that certain words like "knife," "folder," and "hunting" should never be seen on the box surface to avoid any issues with customs.

Once the Jersey knives are good to go, Shieldon makes sure to prepare them for shipping with utmost care. Each knife is given a thorough cleaning, packed following custom guidelines, and diligently tracked until it reaches you. We even have a video clip showing our meticulous cleaning process, using anti-rust oil to prevent any long-term corrosion.

Shieldon custom blade manufacturer shows how taking a comprehensive approach to production and paying close attention to detail can lead to impressive outcomes.

By providing a complete service, Shieldon allows its clients to concentrate on brand growth and marketing strategies, making them an invaluable partner in the knife industry.

With Shieldon constantly improving its craftsmanship and services, get ready for some groundbreaking contributions coming your way! Check out the Jersey knife in all its glory on our customer's website.

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