fashion cleaned

The fashion industry is one of the most demanding industries on the planet, particularly when it gets to the top. While it may seem all glitz and glam, it’s high intensity, high pressure and incredibly fickle.

Addiction has been par for the course for many during this period, with top stars such as Kate Moss speaking out about the role substances play, particularly following her pictured taking cocaine back in 2005.

That, however, was the norm, with models often using the substance to keep going, to the point where drugs really were blighting the industry. Times have changed slightly, but how exactly is the fashion industry cleaning up its act?

Substance Abuse Awareness

Firstly, the fashion industry is being more actively involved in tackling drug abuse through various awareness campaigns. They’re using their platform to convey powerful messages around the consequences of substance abuse.

It’s helping drive positive change, not only raising awareness globally, but also creating a more caring culture within it too.

Supporting Rehabilitation

Alongside this, a more supporting culture has become vital in fashion. Where once it was incredibly cutthroat, those at the top are now nurturing talent, whether that be models or designers and are committing to helping those in need.

That means performing a drug intervention for those that are suffering and collaborating with rehab centres to ensure people get the help they need. It’s fashion houses showing accountability and responsibility, and that’s driving major change within the industry.

Mental Health Initiatives

Before people even begin to start abusing substances, the industry is also trying to prevent it happening by offering more mental health initiatives. The fashion industry has long been one of the most stressful industries to work in, with long hours, high-pressure environments and huge expectations, so addressing the wellbeing of professionals within it has played a huge part in cutting down rates of addiction.

From stress management workshops to offering therapy and counselling, it’s been a major factor in improving the culture on the catwalk and ensuring fewer people are turning to substances.

Inclusivity and Diversity Campaigns

Finally, as diversity and inclusivity becomes more central in the fashion industry, brands are also celebrating people that have overcome such problems, which in turn is inspiring others to do the same. By featuring models that are in recovery from addiction, it inspires others to do the same, offering confidence that they won’t be forgotten about if they seek out treatment, but rather can still achieve success. A far cry from a decade ago, when models or people within the industry would be chewed up and tossed aside at the first sign of controversy.

The fashion industry has cleaned up its act, and continues to do so, making it a healthier, more inclusive place to work and a new era in which models won’t have to suffer in silence in the same way the likes of Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and the many other superstars did.